Specify one or more gene names for which to plot the IFN-stimulated or unstimulated HeLa interactome networks.
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Interactive maps of differentially expressed genes in autoimmune, infectious, and other diseases, and their position in the IFN interactome map.
Specify one or more proteins for which to plot IFN-stimulated and unstimulated protein correlation profiling chromatograms.
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The IFN interactome explorer is a project of the Foster laboratory at the University of British Columbia.

The interactive web application allows users to explore protein correlation profiling chromatograms of IFN-stimulated and unstimulated HeLa cells. The application also provides functionality to explore the complete protein-protein interaction networks (in stimulated and unstimulated cells) inferred from this data using PrInCE. Known IFN-stimulated genes (ISGs), or genes differentially expressed in meta-analyses of >100 diseases, can also be overlaid onto the networks.

Correspondence should be addressed to Leonard Foster (foster at msl dot ubc dot ca).